Why Gallivant Travels



Gallivant Travels LLC is a full service travel agency specializing in leisure travel. Our goal is to provide personalized customer service to every client we encounter no matter if they are booking with us or not. We aim to provide all clients with informed knowledge so they can turn their dream vacation into reality.


Gallivant Travels believes in building memories through travel. Gallivant Travels envisions a world of travelers that are equipped with first-hand knowledge of the places they encounter as oppose to what is provided through media channels. We believe that traveling around the world should not be hard, but it should be something everyone should do at least once in their lives. If after that, it’s not for you, just refer another client to Gallivant Travels.


"Simply the best in professionalism, attention to detail and superb deals. Book your trip today!"

-Saida McCoy

"I am so thankful for Gallivant Travels! They planned the best trip of my life. All I had to do was tell them where I wanted to go and it was done! They even upgraded my room and had birthday cake delivered to my room! What an awesome experience!"

-Veronica Crafton

"Thank you Sultan Abdullah and Gallivant Travels for all your efforts in making our family trip so memorable. You did all the planning and we had all the fun!"

-Adel El-Deeb

"Huge thanks to the Gallivant team and the UNBEATABLE Sultan who saved me big bucks! Spent three days online shopping for the best deal I could find on flights to Ireland. Orbitz, Google Flights, etc... Once I was confident I had found the best price possible I figured I'd put Sultan to the test. $400 extra dollars in the pocket from the money he saved me for the trip. That's 4 nights of bar tabs on the house! Thanks a lot Sultan!"

-Bobby Kelley



    • All Inclusive Packages (Includes Air, Hotel and Airport Transfers)

    • Travel Insurance

    • Cruises

    • Guided and Non-Guided Tour Packages

    • Flight and Hotel Only Packages

    • Destination Weddings